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Chart/News/Options: Technical Chart, Options, Research and News links. Symbol:             Exchange symbol for the company. Open:               The price per share at the opening of the last market. High:               The highest price per share attained during the last market. Low:                The lowest price per share attained during the last market. Close:              The price per share at the close of the last market. Volume in 00's:     Number of shares traded at close in hundreds (00's).  A volume of                      14233 shown = 1,423,300 shares traded. Price Movement:     The amount of stock price movement during the last day's market                      expressed as a percentage of the share price. Exchange:           Exchange the stock is traded on, NASDAQ, NYSE (New York Stock                      Exchange) or AMEX (American Stock Exchange) Company:            Name of the company. Industrial Group:   Name of the Media General industry type (sector) with which the                      Company is classified. Disclaimer and Notices: The legal disclaimer which applies to this report may be found at: